6-Library Use

Earlier this week I wasn’t really feeling the chapter writing. And I was pretty miserable about most things. On Tuesday I was in fact so grouchy at the end of my work day that I decided I needed to focus on something entirely pointless.

And so — with the caveat that this is not about my library use, but rather, my inability to do any actual thinking or reading, I made this video, an addition to the “This is a thing, oh wait, it’s a different thing: it’s Cake!” meme that thankfully seems to be loosening its grip on my timeline.

it came out this exchange:

What literary characters are Actually Cake?
@ashleymomara Polonius for sure.

Hard to believe that was only Tuesday.

Anyway, I recovered from malaise a little bit and finished some articles on the City of London, including the Janette Dillon piece I mentioned in week 5’s post.

Why was The Knight of the Burning Pestle Revived? Eoin covers all the bases…

I also read “Why was The Knight of the Burning Pestle Revived?” by Eoin Price Shakespeare Bulletin 37 (2019): 47–66.

I also revisited three of the four plays that my chapter considers:

The first and second partes of King Edward the Fourth Containing his mery pastime with the tanner of Tamworth, as also his loue to faire Mistrisse Shoare, her great promotion, fall and miserie, and lastly the lamentable death of both her and her husband STC (2nd ed.) / 13342 (1600), attributed to Thomas Heywood.

THE Foure Prentises of London. With the Conquest of Ierusalem. As it hath bene diuerse times Acted, at theRed Bull, by the Queenes Maiesties Seruants. Written by THOMAS HEYVVOOD. STC (2nd ed.) / 13321 (1613)

The knight of the burning pestle STC (2nd ed.) / 1674 (1613) by Frances Beaumont.

The Knight of the Burning Pestle title page, with Humphrey Dyson’s signature visible

The Knight of the Burning Pestle is my very favorite play, but reading it and about it is sometimes hard for me because I know what I want to write and every new detail makes me more excited but also somehow blurs my sense of things and I lose the bigger picture of my book project in trying to account for critical assessments of it.

But, it’s been 6+ weeks of using my library and performing some of the things that constitute “doing research”! So this effort is good. In light of how much is bad right now, this effort is especially good.

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